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Harness and master accessibility APIs in UIKit and SwiftUI

// Learn about... // Rotor Control // Switch Control // VoiceOver // Voice Control // And More!

iOS technologies and frameworks demystified.

SiriKit, Widgets and friends ❤️.

Get cozy with user experience to create lifelong fans.

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Learn design. Tailored just for iOS. We'll answer questions like...

When do I use one of these...

...or one of those?


Or, stuff like is this the right color? What about if this font weight or that one works better?

Table of Contents

Series Intro

Welcome · How to use these books · What's not in the book series

Book I. Accessibility

Introduction: An Accessible Mindset · The 10,000 Foot View: The Basics · VoiceOver · The Rotor Control · Custom and System Actions · The Switch Control · Voice Control · Customized Accessibility Content · Behaviors Overview · Focus · Reading Content · Image Adjustments · Textual Context · Navigation Considerations · Dynamic Type · Adaptable Interfaces · Posting and Consuming Accessibility Notifications · User Preferences in SwiftUI · Convenience Functions · Contextual Scenarios · SwiftUI Techniques · Accessibility Inspector · Accessibility Shortcuts · Are You Done?

Book II. Design

Introduction: Can you learn design? · What, Exactly, Is Your App? · Embracing Scattering Thoughts · The Fidelity Problem · Finding Your App's Voice · Navigation · Bars · Tactful Modality · Feedback and Reinforcement · Color · Copy · Playfulness · Gestures · Dynamic Type · Device Considerations · Feeling at Home · Keep or Cut

Book III. User Experience

Introduction: Easy Flying · Onboarding · Launch Time · On Demand Resources · Scrolling Performance · Quick Look Preview · In-App Purchases and Subscriptions · Search · Loading States · State Restoration · Custom View Controller Transitions· Localization and Internationalization · Micro Animations · Haptics · Undo and Redo · Context Menus · Reloading Data · Leveraging Keyboard Experiences · The Pointer on iPadOS · Handoff · SF Symbols · Getting Data In and Out · Controller Considerations · Your App's Website

Book IV. iOS APIs and Frameworks

Introduction: The Heart of iOS · App Clips · AirPrint · CloudKit · Dark Mode · Drag and Drop · Effective Energy Management · iMessage Extensions · Live Photos · Machine Learning · Maps · Multiple Windows · Notifications · PencilKit · Security and Privacy · Safari Services · Siri Shortcuts · Share and Actions Extensions · Spotlight Search · Quick Actions · VisionKit · WebKit · WidgetKit · URL Schemes

Book V. Toolbelt Expansion

Beta Bonus
Introduction: Welcome to Level 2 · Argument and Launch Environment Variables · Property List Keys to Consider · Universal Type Identifiers · simctl · vmmap · plutil · Leveraging Schemes · Development Assets · How to Focus

A perfect companion for iOS development.

Because this is the book series
that never ends...

The challenge with technical books is they might be outdated once they ship. APIs change, frameworks deprecate and new ones show up. But nope, nuh-uh and not(where: here). This is a living, breathing document that's continually updated.

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For You...
...and them too. New to iOS? Here since iPhoneOS?

Whether you're brand new to iOS or have been here for a long time, this book series is for you. Can you stand up a Core Data stack with your eyes closed but could use some help with design? I got you. Don't even know what SiriKit is? I'll help you two get introduced.

Books you can talk to.

Connect with other indie developers, iOS enthusiasts and more in a private Discord server. Make some new buddies, chat with the author, see what's coming next and suggest new topics to be considered for the book series.

Code samples directory

An Xcode project with a code sample directory split chapter by chapter. See concepts in action and dig through the source code you'll see in the books.

Ready? Let's go.

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Here's some of what others are saying...

Ryan Nystrom @_ryannystrom

I’ve used Jordan’s “best in class” list on several apps. Looking forward to this!

Sean Allen @seanallen_dev

I’m picking this up. Congrats Jordan!

Krzysztof Zabłocki @merowing_

All the apps I've released have been featured by Apple in one form or another, I made Apple Essential, Best of Year and was nominated for ADA. By the looks of what's in beta of @JordanMorgan10's book I can easily say it will be my reference for all future products I make 👌👏

Cameron Deardorff @camdeardorff

If anyone can pack a book full of Best-in-Class iOS app making knowledge it’s Jordan. Worth every penny, thumbs up!

Mark Moeykens @BigMtnStudio

Jordan has been busy putting together his book of best-in-class tips and tricks for iOS app building. He has successfully built and sold a world class app so he knows what he’s talking about. Get his book now for 20% off while in beta!

Shihab Mehboob @JPEGuin

If you want to make a 'best in class' iOS app, Jordan's new book will guide the way!

David Arve @davidarve

As an Indie iOS developer, I don’t think there’s any purchase as easy as this. If you want to make a _really_ great app, this is the place to start.

Ben Patterson @bennpatt_

If you’re an iOS Dev and bought ONE thing for the rest of your career to learn it should be this! 🔥👏🏽

Noah Gilmore @noahsark769

I’ve referred to @JordanMorgan10’s best in class iOS app blog post so many times and it’s been wonderful to follow his progress on the book version. Highly recommend for my fellow independent app developers

Curtis Herbert @parrots


Tanmay @tanmays

Insta-buy for any dev/designer working on Apple platform.

Sedat @iosedat

@JordanMorgan10 is one of the most skilled devs in our community. His content will take you further for sure!

Tyler Hillsman @thillsman

If you’re an iOS developer and you haven’t already bought this book (why haven’t you, it’s been out two whole hours!), you should buy this book. Ridiculous thorough and high-quality tips from a developer who cares about quality.

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  • What if I don't end up liking it?

    No worries at all. Feel free to return it within the first 7 days and get your money back.

  • How much of the book series is done?

    I update this site's every time I ship a content update. That will show the most up-to-date progress of the series. Biweekly updates are promised and part of the deal until I finish Version 1.0 (save for any weeks I am on vacation).

    While it's in this beta phase, I'm offering 50% off the final price of $160 as a way to say "Thanks" for coming onboard early and helping me shape the future of the book series.

  • Will I get future updates, or will they be paid?

    Early access buyers are entitled to biweekly updates until the first version is finished and future editions of the entire book series.

  • How are the books setup, what's the feel?

    Most chapters follow a three staged approach. First, introduce the topic and answer "What is this?" Next, the "how" - I'll go over the topic at a high level. Finally, the "Tips" section has a robust collection of nice-to-know tips, techniques and more. Some of the bookes, like Design and User Experience, may look a bit different than this but for the most part that's what to expect. Look at the navigation bar above to grab a free preview!

  • It says "Book Series", but I only see one book?

    When I started out on this project, I originally had set out to do four books. One on design, user experience, iOS APIs and accessibility. In my mind, you need all of those things to make a best-in-class iOS app. As I was going through it, I decided I wanted to make them one complete package. So, that's where I am today - I put everything together in one package.

    Rest assured, each topic is "book length", so the beta price basically equates to $20 a book, or $32 when the non-beta version pricing is live. But, that's not considering the code samples, bonus section on tool belt expansion, the community and continuing updates that come with it too. I'm trying my best to deliver a lot of value for your money.

    Please note that while the series is in beta, I do package all of the books together solely for logistical reasons. It's just a lot easier to move fast and get out updates. Once version 1 is complete, I will split them all out book by book.

  • Does it use SwiftUI or UIKit?

    Both! Every single code sample that can show it in both frameworks shows them both. This is also the reason the books are taking a bit to write, but I think that's the best way to cover the most surface area. Everything is also written in Swift.

  • Who is this primarily for?

    This book is meant for developers and designers who have some grasp of programming, no matter the skill level. The code samples and explanations are in-depth and typically begin with an introduction over the topic, followed up with more advanced samples or tips.

    I personally find that developers often tend to want to learn more about design, and designers may be interested to learn more about technical topics. Both of those areas are covered in earnest within the book series. Seasoned iOS developers will enjoy a reference manual over APIs, but they may want to brush up on design or user experience. Or, maybe you're a new developer who wants to dive into all of iOS' many frameworks and learn about those. The point is, this is an expansive look over all of iOS and how to make the best apps. And, to make the best apps, you need both great design and a strong technical understanding of its frameworks.

    If you'd like to see a sample to get a feel over how the books are written, please see the free preview above.

  • What's the vision for this?

    My goal is to make this the go-to handbook for any iOS developer on the planet. As part of my mission to keep it up-to-date, I hope that anyone joining this industry, or vets who've been here, have it alongside them to brush up on topics, learn something new or keep it around as a reference guide that's ready and waiting whenever they need it.

Meet the Author


Jordan Morgan



email (Siri found in Mail)


My name is Jordan, and I've been making award-winning apps for the iOS platform since iOS 4. My most recent app, Spend Stack, was acquired.

Before its acquisition, it won awards, was frequently covered by the press, showcased by Apple's editors since its release, featured as App of the Day and chosen to be a retail demo in stores.

Along the way, I've learned a lot about design and what it means to be a great platform citizen. I keep a running list of how to make your apps best-in-class here, and it's the inspiration for this book series.